School Principal Message

"Learning gives creativity, Creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makesyou great"; The school believes in man making education.The seed sown in our students are sure to grow into healthy trees with the years. Students are gold mines infested with potentials of creativity and talent. They needto betapped, nurtured, nourished and channelized in the right direction. Success invariably comes only to those who adopt excellence as a perennial habit rather than pursue it as a goal to be achieved in time. Mount Shivalik Public School was established on the requests of the localites. A well known and a reputed school of Shimla. MSPS is striving to give you the strength of character, more than anything else. As you move ahead,there will undoubtedly be times when you will be in turmoil- when your inherent values will appear to be in conflict with the system. It will be at such times, we hope, that all we have tried to impart you in MSPS, will hold you in good stead. Do not sell out to a culture where your values are not always reflected. Have the courage to stand up for what you believe in and what is right. In fact,if there ever was a need for the courage of conviction, it is in today's times. Let your journey in life be full of happiness, kindness and honesty.As you move on and tap the immense potential that each one of you undoubtedly has, remember that success without integrity will always be short lived. There will never ever be a formula for success that is devoid of hardwork, commitment and professional ethics. So students, enjoy every moment of your journey,just as we have enjoyed seeing you bloom from young, nervous, self-conscious children into mature, charismatic and dynamic individuals and carry with you the spirit of MSPS. Let your alma mater bask in the glory for your success and happiness.

With best compliments
Lots of love and best wishes!
Ms. Bharti Sharma