A Student  name  will  not  be registered unless the under  mentioned documents/information has been provided by the parents.

1. The  birth  registration  certificate  from  the  Municipal  office (attested photocopy).
2. Two recent passport size photographs of the child.
3. The latest progress-report and transfer certificate of the student. (not applicable for the beginners)        

After the  above requirements have been fulfilled, the  student name will be  registered for  the class applied-for by the parents. The registration fee is payable by the parents at the time of registration. 

The registration does not carry with it the  guarantee of admission which will depend on the following:

i) The student has qualified in the admission test (written) followed by the interview.
ii) The student must attain the prescribed minimum standard in the written admission test.
iii)    Admission  will be granted  at  the  sole discretion of the Principal.
iv) Admission once done is subject to the condition that the student so admitted will be on probation  for  one  academic year.
v) The registration  fee  is valid  for  the  year  in  which  the  child  is  registered  and  neither  refundable  nor  transferable  to another year.
vi) Admission will entirely depend on  the  number  of  seats  available  in the  class for  which  the  student is  registered.